Lilian Farahani

“Farahani enters right into the hearts of the audience, both singing and speaking”

(Brechtje Zwaneveld, NRC Handelsblad)​

Photo: Maurice Lammerts van Bueren

Latest update

10 April 2024

U.S.A. debut coming up! Very excited to be joining the cast for Saariaho’s ‘Innocence’ at San Francisco Opera in June 2024!

NOMAD (release date: January 5th 2024)

Travel, who doesn’t love it? But we also like to come home again. Nomads are at home everywhere. Or nowhere. The romance of the traveler, the wanderer, the seeker is universal. 

Lilian Farahani and her pianist Maurice Lammerts van Bueren take you on a musical journey through time and space with songs by Ravel, Dvořak, Vali, Weill, Piazzolla and Ramirez. An exotic nomadic journey full of mystery and passion.

Produced by: Zefir Records 

Empty Concertgebouw Sessions

Soprano: Lilian Farahani
Piano: Maurice Lammerts van Bueren