Lilian Farahani

“Farahani enters right into the hearts of the audience, both singing and speaking”

(Brechtje Zwaneveld, NRC Handelsblad)​

Photo: Maurice Lammerts van Bueren

Latest update

7 April 2022

Absolutely thrilled to be making my house debut at Royal Opera House Covent Garden in April 2023! Returning to the role of ‘The Bride’ in Kaija Sariaaho’s highly acclaimed opera ‘Innocence’. 

Debut CD: WOMAN - The making of..

‘Woman – the making of…’ is a unique fusion of art forms, made by contemporary creators and performers, on the timeless theme of ‘the woman’ from a modern perspective.

Soprano Lilian Farahani and pianist Maurice Lammerts van Bueren combine their love for the music of American composer Jake Heggie (1961), with their passion for photography. To interpret Heggie’s compositions ‘Eve-Song’ and ‘At the Statue of Venus’ in both an auditory and visual way, the album was released with a corresponding photo booklet.

Empty Concertgebouw Sessions

Soprano: Lilian Farahani
Piano: Maurice Lammerts van Bueren